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    • Defendant charged with 1st degree murder; 2 counts of malicious wounding and 3 counts of felon in possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony
      • If convicted, Defendant faced mandatory minimum sentence of 73 years
      • Jury verdict: involuntary manslaughter & 2 counts of unlawful wounding
        • Jury sentenced Defendant to 20 years
      • Defendant charged with Felony Possession of a controlled substance & Felony Possession of a firearm while in possession of a Sch I/II controlled substance
        • Counsel and the Commonwealth Attorney agreed that Defendant would plea to Possession of a Controlled Substance (Commonwealth Attorney would not agree to a 251, 1st Offenders Disposition)
        • Judge granted Defense Counsel’s request to allow Defendant to enter and complete the 251 program, against the Commonwealth’s strong objection.
    • Defendant charged with Felony Possession with intent to Distribute more than 2 lbs. of marijuana.
      • Counsel negotiated plea with Commonwealth Attorney for Defendant to plead to misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana
    • Defendant charged with DUID, 2nd amended to RD with $500 fine
    • Lewis successfully argued dismissal of a probation violation where Defendant had tested positive for controlled substances.
    • Lewis successfully negotiated a dismissal of a drunk in public.
    • Lewis secured the dismissal of a drunk in public in Arlington County General District Court after a bench trial.
    • Lewis secured reduction of felony Public Record Forgery to Trespassing with 12 month deferred disposition with community service & one conviction of obstruction.
    • Lewis negotiated the reduction of a felony possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of marijuana 2nd offense to a simple drug paraphernalia charge.
    • Defendant charged with DUI, 3rd & refusal; def hit another parked car while in hotel parking lot
      • Defense Counsel successfully negotiated plea where Defendant plead guilty to Reckless Driving with fine.
    • Defendant charged with PWID MJ & PWID C/S; Defendant’s rented room in a home was illegally searched without his or landlord’s consent.
      • Lewis secured dismissal of all charges prior to trial.
    • Lewis secured of a reduction of a possession of a controlled substance and driving on suspended, both misdemeanor charges to two simple traffic infractions.
    • Lewis secured the dismissal of a Petit Larceny and Obtaining Money by False Pretenses after a trial on the merits.
    • Defendant charged with four felony charges of Possession with Intent to Distribute MJ; Possession with Intent to Distribute MJ with a Firearm; Possession of a Controlled Substance; Possession of a Controlled Substance with a Firearm & one misdemeanor charge of Possession of Marijuana
      • If convicted, Defendant faced a mandatory minimum of five years
      • Jury verdict: Not Guilty on all felony charges and Guilty on misdemeanor possession of marijuana.
    • Defendant charged with PWID MJ & Possession of MJ while within 500 yards of school zone when defendant took marijuana from boyfriend
      • Lewis entered into an agreement where Defendant’s misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana would be dismissed after a one-year deferred disposition.
    • Lewis successfully argued sentencing for a Statutory Burglary and assault and battery where the Commonwealth argued for 15 years and Defendant was continuously held for 21 months at the time of sentencing. Ultimately, Defendant sentenced to 2 ½ years of incarceration.
    • Lewis was responsible after a trial on the merits of a possession of marijuana, for the granting of a motion to strike in Fairfax County Circuit Court.

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