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With a 94% win record, and over 340+ sentences reduced, it’s clear: Lewis Law, PLLC. is the #1 criminal defense firm in Northern Virginia for a reason.

Virginia Residents

Virginia residents need legal help that’s honest, trustworthy, and will advocate for them during these difficult and unprecedented times.

In 2019 alone...

There were over 274,636 arrests in Virginia, according to the State Department of Police. Those numbers don’t account for the lives that potentially change forever due to these serious legal proceedings.

Convictions Carry

Convictions carry the serious consequences of imprisonment, fines and fees, getting fired from your job, marriage and custody arrangement changes, and more.

Hasina Lewis

My name is Hasina Lewis, a Virginia criminal defense attorney, and I understand your situation.

You might feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, and I want to help you understand that if you’ve been charged with serious traffic violations like DUI or reckless driving, family law matters like divorce, child custody, or need criminal defense for drugs or probation, the #1 thing to look for is results and experience.

Always ask these 4 questions when considering your next lawyer:

  • Do you have experience?
    I’ve had years of litigation and trial experience (over 1,000 court appearances so far).
  • Do you have the RIGHT KIND of experience?
    I specialize in both misdemeanors and felony-level cases.
  • Do you get results?
    I’ve won over 94% of cases I’ve worked on.
  • Do you reduce sentences?
    I’ve successfully done it 340 times.

I serve the Commonwealth of Virginia, including Alexandria, Arlington, Manassas, Woodbridge, Fredericksburg, Fairfax County, Prince William County and Loudoun County.

It’s your right to have knowledgeable legal representation at every step in the legal process. At Lewis Law, PLLC., we believe nothing is more important than your freedom.

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Client Testimonials

Notable Criminal Defense Court Wins

From 1st Degree Murder to Involuntary Manslaughter

Our client was charged with 1st degree murder; 2 counts of malicious wounding and 3 counts of felon in possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

If convicted, our client faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 73 years. Hasina was successfully able to lessen the charges to involuntary manslaughter and 2 counts of unlawful wounding, along with reducing the sentence by over 50 years.

From Felony Possession w/ Firearm to First Offenders Probation

Our client was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance &
felony possession of a firearm while in possession of a Schedule I/II controlled substance.

If convicted, our client faced a sentence up to 12 years in prison. Hasina was successfully able to lessen the charge to misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and convinced the court to allow our client to complete the First Offenders Program, granting them probation.

From Felony Possession Intent to Distribute to Simple Paraphernalia

Our client was charged with felony possession with intent to distribute a schedule I substance. If convicted, our client faced a sentence up to 40 years in prison. Hasina was successfully able to lessen the charge to simple paraphernalia.

Criminal Law Cases in Northern Virginia include:

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, these cases include but are not limited to:

  • Marijuana Possession
  • Drug Possession (Cocaine, Xanax, Molly, Heroin)
  • Drug Distribution
  • Possessing/Concealment of Firearms & other Dangerous Weapons
  • Fraud & Forgery
  • Malicious Wounding
  • Robbery
  • Petit & Grand Larceny
  • Arson
  • Assault & Battery (Family Member & Law Enforcement)
  • Probation Violations
  • Prostitution (Maintaining a Bawdy House)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I get arrested?

When you get arrested, the police officer will collect information on you and use resources to determine if you have warrants or a prior criminal history. Based on this information, you may or may not be eligible for bail/bond.

Do I have to talk to police?

No, federal and state laws protect your right to not speak to police, and in most cases it’s in your best interest that you don’t as anything you say can be used in court against you.

What do criminal defense lawyers do?

Criminal defense lawyers investigate facts to find the best way to present their client’s innocence in court, and work to minimize bail, get charges dropped, and reduce sentences.

How much does criminal defense cost?

Every situation is different but generally, it depends on the severity of the charge and the facts of the case.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

Misdemeanors tend to be less serious criminal offenses that usually warrant sentences smaller than one year. Felonies, on the other hand, are more serious criminal offenses that can yield longer sentences.

What is the difference between a state and federal criminal charge?

State charges are arraigned in the state court system while federal charges are prosecuted by the US attorney’s office in the Federal court system.

Should I represent myself in court?

No, as not having a clear understanding of the law can create serious consequences.

Are lawyer results guaranteed?

No, because every legal situation is unique, there is no way to guarantee results. Any legal professional that offers a guarantee of results isn’t being honest with you.

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